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MSI GT685-818US Core i5 GTX 580M 15.6" Gaming Notebook Unboxing & First Look Linus Tech Tips


This is a custom SKU that I asked MSI to create. Instead of over-building certain parts of the machine and skimping on the graphics card, I asked if they could build a notebook with a beast graphics card and more "value" components in the rest. Here it is :)
Диас Аллабергенов : Nice! whu is in 2019?
Hoang D : wow now i still use this bad boi,it's hot,it's thicc and performance only enough for dota 2,cs:go.can't play pubg at all
ionasjr : Hello Linus, i own a MSI Cx623 (4gb ram, Gf 310m 1 gb) and i would ike to upgrade from i3 370 M (socket g1) to a i5 580m (g1), they both consume 35 watts. is it possible ? motherboard msi-168a. Multumesc !
Tea1337 : Without this video, I would have never gotten into building computers.
Egmont : haha maybe you gave them the idea to make the gx60
EDWINOOI1991 : /watch?v=wfis7_buOMo&feature=related
rästik : back power Sucks - side power is much safer

Obtaining IP Address... : theoretically you will get better performance per dollar on a Desktop PC, compared to a laptop. But the main reason people want laptops, is so they can easily carry it around and game "on the go"
ryandonian : Hey Linus, your hoodie strings aren't the same length.
Alooy10q8 : actually i have that lap now ! its runs everything on ultra and it never got hot and its not so hard to upgrade its just the "m" GPU it makes alot difference between the normal one.. its MSI GT783

Review MSi GT685 by

Review MSi GT685 by
SMASHANDBURN YT : It's 3 months left till no nut november
speedfreakpsycho : Do you know where to buy this laptop on thailand?
ณัชพล โตน้อย : ราคาเท่าไรครับ

Ondřej : Hardware seting ? Low or Ultra...?
john constantine : พี่หิ้วมาจากเกาหลี
สนใจมาก +.+
Wang Tia : ของผมToshiba Qosmio F750-1009XT
Vfor Vendetta : ผมอยาก รู้ราคา กับสถานที่ ที่จะหาซื้อ อ่ะครับ ขอบคุณครับ
Mechanic NPTC : พี่ใจเย็นมากเิลย 55
TaritMan Ch : เพลงไร ครับผม

KritKorn : @kirosxiii อ๋อ นึกว่าจับตอนอัดด้วย

MSI GT683DXR, GT683R-242US, GT663-417CS, GT685-822AU laptop battery

73 Wh \\ 6600 mAh, 87 Wh \\ 7800 mAh MSI GT683DXR, GT683R 242US, GT663 417CS, GT685 822AU laptop battery with original and 100% new high quality cells from:




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